Views from social media: Quinn Chapel AME

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 22, 2024

Readers of The Tribune weighed in on our Facebook page about efforts to turn the close Quinn Chapel AME church into a local Black history museum. Here is a sampling of comments:

“You should use the John Gee Historical museum in the AME church in Gallipolis as a template. (…) They are also using ARC funding. We were there Saturday. It’s amazing and preserves all the historical accomplishments of the community.”

— Kristen Martin 

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• • •

“Yes…perfect for a museum. Get national Underground Railroad organizations and historic preservation groups for the Macedonia hill church to help fund.”

— Delandual L. Conwell

• • •

“I live in Oak Hill now but remember this beautiful church so well. Praying it will be preserved.

— Barbara Clark

• • •

“Great idea to feature local history! It’s a beautiful church.”

— Tamara Schwab