State awards $44M in tax credits for 23 TV, film production

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 23, 2024

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Department of Development this week announced state support of more than $44 million in tax credits for the filming of TV series and feature films across Ohio.

Awards are being made through the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit Program, which provides a refundable tax credit of 30 percent on production cast and crew wages and other in-state spending for eligible productions, including feature-length films, documentaries, pre-Broadway productions, miniseries, video games and music videos.

“Investing in these productions fuels the vibrant creativity that’s alive in Ohio’s communities and serves as a powerful catalyst for economic growth,” said Lydia Mihalik, director of the Ohio Department of Development. “These projects celebrate and showcase our diverse landscapes, generate jobs, stimulate local businesses and create a lasting legacy for the arts in Ohio.”

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In total, 23 projects are being awarded more than $44 million in tax credits.

Projects being awarded are:

TV Series

• An Interesting Life Season 2, Southwest Ohio, $432,300

• WWE 2024, Ohio, $1,675,986

• Nightmare Transmission Season 2, Ashland/Columbus, $265,247.40

• Heartland Horror Chronicles Season 1, Crestline, $129,444

• Christmas on Main, Ashland, $148,842

• Kings of Vegas, Cleveland, $105,878.25

Feature Films

• Genesis, Cleveland/Cincinnati, $11,091,686.70

• Superthief, Northeast Ohio, $5,296,260.30

• Alarum, Cincinnati, $5,863,392.30

• Epiphany, Cincinnati, $6,052,988.40

• Stained Glass, Southwest Ohio, $3,026,255

• The Marshal, Southwest Ohio, $2,380,988.40

• Nutcracker’s Mustache, Dayton/Cincinnati, $2,008,106.70

• The Last of the Big-time Promoters, Southwest Ohio, $985,500

• Never Quit, The Todd Crandell Story, Toledo, $1,256,153.40

• Harbor Master, Northeast Ohio, $1,113,364.80

• Down to the Felt, Columbus, $385,853.70

• Oscar’s Options, Cincinnati, $823,269.60

• Slay, Columbus, $519,603.60

• The Forgotten Chord, Columbus, $115,651.50

• Heavenly Wickedness,  Ashtabula, $110,625

• Cannonballer, Summit, $148,371

• Aimless, Columbus, $93,313.50

Awarded projects total nearly $503 million in production expenses, $146.7 million in total eligible production expenses, and are expected to create 530 full-time jobs. 

Development received 27 applications for the Fiscal Year 2024 January round, requesting nearly $60 million in tax credits.

Applications are reviewed and awarded in two rounds each year. 

The program provides $50 million annually, evenly divided between the two rounds, plus any rollover amounts from the proceeding period and any recaptured funds from previous productions. 

There is $5 million withheld annually from the full amount specifically for Broadway and theatrical productions. 

Projects are awarded first to television series or miniseries, then to all others, based on the extent of positive economic impact in Ohio and the effect on developing a permanent workforce in motion picture or theatrical production industries in the state.

The Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit was created in 2009 to encourage and develop a strong film industry in Ohio. 

The application and additional program information can be found at

The Ohio Department of Development helps communities succeed by investing in Ohio’s people, places and businesses. 

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