Big jobs for a day

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Students take faculty positions as part of PTO fundraiser

DEERING — Friday was a big day for Knox Meadows, a second grader at Dawson-Bryant Elementary.

He stepped into the position of principal-for-a-day, taking over the duties of Monica Mahlmeister at the school.

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And, for his first task on the job, he visited every classroom, issuing a challenge.

Mahlmeister said Knox asked all students to take part in a “random act of kindness.” 

“Everybody had to have one act of kindness before the end of the day,” Knox said.

In addition to that, Knox also worked on the computer and watched students at recess.

Mahlmeister said he arrived with an agenda for the day written out.

“He came prepared,” she said. “One day, I’ll be working for him.”

Knox was but one student taking over an adult job for the day.

Each year, as the school has done for more than a decade, several faculty positions went to the children.

Serving as gym teachers on Friday were two siblings, Maizleigh and Wyler Rowe, while Kylie Howard took over as the school librarian.

Greyson Blackburn was the school’s computer teacher for the day, while Skylar Meadows was its art instructor.

Stirling Spears was music teacher for the day, where he played xylophone and led students in song, while Lukas Roberts served as reading teacher, taking over from Rhonda Hall.

This year, the school added a new position to the lineup, with Lantz Blackburn serving as school resource officer, doing the duties of Dean Palmer in the position.

Principal Monica Mahlmeister said the positions were auctioned off at the school’s fall festival, a PTO event earlier in the school year. All of the students were treated to lunch from Chick-fil-A as part of the day’s activities.