EDITORIAL: Preparing children with life skills

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Our local schools do a great job at educating students on things such as reading, math and building academic skills.

But there are some skills that fall outside the standard school curriculum, which are no less important for youth to learn.

These can be things like basic manners or communicating with others, or things needed in life like cooking or how to dress up for a job.

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Burlington Elementary School principal David Ashworth started a project four years ago, when he was assistant principal at Ironton Elementary, which aimed to take on this need.

The Gentleman’s Academy takes those enrolled through a multi-week set of lessons on those topics.

And, this year, Ashworth launched the program at Burlington.

From the enthusiasm of students enrolled that The Tribune met last week, it has had a great reception.

It is good to see educators looking at the big picture of what is needed for children as they grow.

The Gentleman’s Academy offers a more complete education for students and we salute Ashworth for founding it and bringing it to his new school.