OSHP comes in 13th for ‘sexiest uniform’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 7, 2024

In a recent poll, Wealth of Geeks surveyed 3,000 people to find out which state police had the sexiest uniforms — and the Ohio State Highway Patrol came in at a very respectable 13th place.

When asked for comment, Lt. Nick Lunsford, commander of the OSHP’s Ironton, laughed and asked if it was a real story. He was assured it was.

Wealth of Geeks wrote that “In 13th place overall, making it one of the nation’s sexiest police uniforms, was that of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. With its refined gray shirt paired with dark gray pants, the uniform epitomizes a seamless blend of distinction and functionality. This careful balance of colors and design elements in the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s uniform conveys a message of reliability and service, designed to inspire confidence among the public they serve, making it not just practical but also visually compelling and attractive.”

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Lunsford said that he couldn’t speak to all that but, that the OSHP uniforms had a 90-year history.

“It is mostly unchanged since the original uniform,” he explained. “We take pride in our professionalism.”

In the poll, the OSHP beat out its Tri-State neighbors the West Virginia State Police, which placed 34 and the Kentucky State Police, which came in at 20.

The KSP posted the results on their Facebook page and asked for comments, which were mainly that the KSP gray uniforms should have placed higher and ranged into “I fell in love with my husband 28 years ago over that dang uniform” and “I still think the gray gods are sexy 1st place!!!!!!”

The first-place winner in the poll was the Texas Department of Safety with their “Texas Tan” uniforms.

Last place went to North Dakota.

On their website, Wealth of Geeks said the poll was done in February and the methodology was an “Online panel survey of 3,000 adults based on age, gender, and geography. Internal data sources are used to obtain population data sets. We used a two-step process to ensure representativeness through stratified sampling and post-stratification weighting.”

For the full ranking, go to wealthofgeeks.com/americas-sexiest-state-police-uniforms/