EDITORIAL: Show time is here

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 20, 2024

On Friday, the result two months of hard work will be displayed at Ironton High School.

The school’s theater department will be presenting the first show of their production of “Annie Jr.,” based on the Broadway musical of cartoonist Harold Gray’s famous Depression-era Orphan.

Altogether, about 40 students comprise the cast and crew of the musical, which they have been rehearsing since January.

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The show is directed by Auretta Hensley, of Aspire! Conservatory of Fine & Performing Arts, who also helmed last year’s show of “Grease.”

Those who have seen Hensley’s work at both schools and her group know her passion for the theater and attention to every aspect of the production.

The show has generated a good bit of buzz around the community, with numerous customers asking the Tribune staff about its schedule.

Ironton is fortunate to have an outlets for the arts of such caliber, something that is lacking in too many schools these days.

We encourage the public to check out the show, which runs though Sunday. Not only will they be supporting the students and a great program, but they will be in for a solid evening of entertainment.