EDITORIAL: A welcome resolution to benefit locals

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 3, 2024

When it was announced a few years ago that the county was considering the former Lombard Elementary School/Open Door School property in Ironton for the site of a new county jail, there was an uproar from many in the neighborhood, with many residents attending a meeting of the Lawrence County Commission to voice their concerns.

Ultimately, the commission decided against locating the jail there, but the open lot, which is quite sizable, remained following the school’s demolition last year.

Commissioner Mike Finley led a vote to have the property assessed earlier this year, in preparation for a possible sale.

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And, at last week’s meeting of Ironton City Council, a resolution was passed for the City of Ironton to purchase the property from the county for $300,000.

Mayor Sam Cramblit II said the city is considering either residential and business uses for the property and it will be marketed for development.

This decision moves the property under local control, which will likely be welcome news for those in the area.

We commend the county and the city for reaching this agreement. By putting this site under control of Ironton, it allows those who live in the neighborhood and are most invested in the surrounding neighborhood to now have a say, through their city elected officials, in the future of the site.