Webb to take a swing at Shawnee St. golf

Published 7:15 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Chesapeake Lady Panthers’ senior golfer Brooklyn Webb signed a letter-of-intent on Monday to play for the Shawnee State Bears. Attending the signing ceremony were: seated left to right, sister Addy Doss, father Jeff Webb, Brooklyn, mother Nicole Doss and step-father Joey Doss; standing left to right, Shawnee State head coach Holley Hart and Chesapeake head coach Terry Kimble. (Tim Gearhart Sports Photos/For The Ironton Tribune)

By Jim Walker


CHESAPEAKE — Hey coach, look what I found.

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It was somewhat of a chance meeting that led Chesapeake Lady Panthers senior Brooklyn Webb to connect with Shawnee State University.

Webb caught the attention of Shawnee State men’s golf coach David Hopkins when Chesapeake coach Terry Kimble directed his attention toward her.

Brooklyn Webb

“We were at a golf match at the Portsmouth Elks and Mr. Kimble was talking to the (Shawnee) golf coach and said ‘watch her swing.’ And he said, ‘oh yeah, we definitely want to talk to her,’ and since then we’ve been in communication,” said Webb.

Shawnee State has since hired Holley Hart to be the women’s coach in a plan to expand the program and make it more competitive. Hart said Hopkins — the men’s coach who used to coach both teams — passed along his notes on Webb.

“I heard a lot from Hops. He just said good things and that she would fit in with the team very well. Hearing that she’s played since seventh grade and loves the sport is a huge thing right now,” said Hart.

Webb fills her school year by playing golf and soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and running track in the spring.

“I’ve been golfing since middle school. I took a short break and then picked it back up,” said Webb. “My step-dad is a big golfer and he pushed me in that direction. But I enjoy it, so that’s OK.”

Until Shawnee State took interest, Webb considered going to Kentucky Christian University and possibly playing soccer.

“I could’ve even played soccer at Shawnee, but I decided just to play golf,” said Webb. “I’ve played soccer basically my whole life.”

With all the sports she plays, Webb admits her first love isn’t golf.

“Probably soccer, which is weird, but I enjoy golf, too. Golf is an easier pace than soccer. It’s definitely easier to keep up with,” she said.

Although golf might be an easier pace, Webb is well aware that playing at the college level will be a big adjustment.

“It’s going to be much more challenging. In high school, there’s not that many girl golfers so it’s mostly playing with the boys. But is’t going to be all girls at Shawnee,” said Webb who shot a 109 in the Ohio Valley Conference golf tournament as the only girl representing Chesapeake.

Even though the college game will be more difficult, Webb is not intimidated. She said her game has come a long way since she began playing.

“I think I’ve improved a lot this year with Mr. Kimble’s help. I’ve been going to the driving range a lot,” said Webb. “I just hope to keep improving and get better numbers out there.”

Hart said that the plan to improve and grow the women’s golf program at Shawnee State will hinge on the quality and character of the golfers on the team roster.

“Our goal for the team is to grow it. It became more like a club dynamic for Shawnee and we are now wanting it to become more of a team and a competitive team. With the new conference we have now we have that chance,” said Hart.

“I think she’s going to be a great asset and you can tell she loves the sport but she also cares academically with what she’s doing and that’s exactly what you need,” said Hart.

Webb plans to major in biomedical sciences in order to go into the medical field.