OHSAA announces 2024 football divisions, regional assignments

Published 7:06 pm Thursday, April 25, 2024


OHSAA Media Director

COLUMBUS – The Ohio High School Athletic Association Board of Directors approved the 2024 football divisional breakdowns and regional assignments today during its April board meeting.

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 The largest 70 schools are placed in Division I, and all remaining schools are divided as equally as possible into Divisions II through VII, with approximately 106 schools per division.

 Of note, OHSAA member schools may opt to move up to Division I if Referendum Issue 1B passes this spring. Results of the referendum voting will be announced May 16.

 Earlier this spring, the OHSAA received updated base enrollment data from the Ohio Department of Education to use for the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years. In the sport of football, competitive balance data from the previous season is used each season to create a new adjusted enrollment count. Details of the competitive balance process are available at: https://www.ohsaa.org/School-Resources/Competitive-Balance-Resource-Center.

  2024 OHSAA Football Divisions and Playoff Regions

Division I – School List  |  Schools by Region  |  Regional Map

Division II – School List  |  Schools by Region  |  Regional Map

Division III – School List  |  Schools by Region  |  Regional Map

Division IV – School List  |  Schools by Region  |  Regional Map

Division V – School List  |  Schools by Region  |  Regional Map

Division VI – School List  |  Schools by Region  |  Regional Map

Division VII – School List  | Schools by Region |  Regional Map

Preseason Schedule

The Board of Directors also approved the 2024 football regulations. The official start date for practice is Thursday, August 1. High schools can schedule scrimmages with other schools after one full day of contact practice has been completed. 7th and 8th grade schools can schedule scrimmages after three full days of contact practice have been completed. In addition, 7th and 8th grade schools can now play eight games regardless of whether they have one or two preseason scrimmages.

Beginning May 15, schools are permitted to have 13 days of practice without pads or hitting. An additional five days are permitted beginning July 15 for schools to complete the mandatory five-day acclimatization period, if they so choose.

The OHSAA does not set a limit on physical fitness training and conditioning workouts in the summer.

2024 Football Season Calendar

May 15 through July 31 – Summer Period (see note above)

August 1 – Practice Begins

Week of August 19 – Season Begins

August 23 – First Friday Night

October 26 – Regular-Season Ends

October 27 – Playoff Qualifiers Announced

Nov. 1 – Regional Playoffs First Round

Nov. 8 – Regional Quarterfinals

Nov. 15 – Regional Semifinals

Nov. 22 – Regional Finals

Nov. 28 – Thanksgiving

Nov. 29 – State Semifinals

Dec. 5-7 – State Championships, Canton