Rewarded for giving

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Rock Hill students honored by Shriners for fundraising

It was a celebratory day at Rock Hill Elementary School on Thursday, as students at the that school and adjoining preschool were honored for their work this year in fundraising for.

In the gymnasium, magician Billy Hall, of El Hasa Shriner Hillbilly Clan 1 Outhouse 8, performed his show, as he has done in years past, for the children as a reward for their efforts, while, outside the preschool, the group’s signature miniature trucks were set up to show the children.

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Roger Morgan, of the group, said they work with the school, as well as South Point Elementary, each year on the two penny drives, of which the proceeds benefit the children’s hospitals.

A trophy floats between the two schools each year, based on who raises the most. This year, the trophy returned to Rock Hill.

Altogether, Rock Hill students raised $1,549.17 for the drive over the month of April. South Point conducts their drive in the fall of each school year and the Hillbillies regularly take part in the school’s Halloween parade.

Two students at the preschool were presented with certificates, hats and named as honorary hillbillies for leading the fundraising.

America Sanders was the top fundraiser for the school, raising $173, while Jenna Moore came in second, raising $100.

The group said they have been working with Rock Hill on the drives for more than a decade and a half.

Hall, who performed two shows for the students, said he enjoys returning each year and hopes the group can serve as role models for the children.

“I always love coming here for the kids,” he said.

Morgan said the funds raised go to things such as the Hillbillies’ donation to the Shriners hospital in Dayton, where they purchased a large van for moving equipment.

The group takes part in several fundraising activities throughout the year, such as their Vidalia onion sales, which

Morgan said they are set to deliver to buyers next month. Funds from those sales helped to purchase a transport van to take children to the hospitals.

Ray McFarlin, of the Shriners, addressed the preschoolers along with member Carrie Cole, who is also a teacher at Rock Hill.

“Without your help, we can’t help other children, and we thank you,” he said. “This is the type of help we need to take care of children in need.”