Today in Ironton history: June 29, 1995

Published 5:00 am Monday, July 1, 2024

By Joseph DiCristofaro
The Ironton Tribune

Front-page news for The Ironton Tribune 29 years ago today was that visitors to national parks would probably have to pay more fees to use recreational facilities, including Lake Vesuvius and the Wayne National Forest.
“We’re being encouraged by Congress to look at additional revenue sources,” said Galen Johnson, recreational program manager for the Lake Vesuvius recreation area in the Wayne National Forest’s Ironton Ranger District.
The proposed additional fees included charging for use of the Hanging Rock off-road vehicle area and parking fees.
Deeper into the paper came breaking national news such as a story regarding the Unabomber, and a unique article about a United States space shuttle.
The Unabomber on June 29 had yet to be caught by authorities. His latest threat stated that he was going to blow up an airliner. The latest letter to the New York Times said the threat was “one last prank.”
Despite the claim of a “prank” security at Los Angeles International Airport was at an all-time high. Bags were searched, IDs were checked, dogs sniffed for bombs and all mail in California was temporarily grounded.
Despite travelers canceling and switching their flights, David Hinson, Federal Aviation Administration Chief, said that flying was still safe.
Another story regarding air travel was in the paper, only this time it was 245 miles above the Earth. An American space shuttle docked with a Russian space station, one of the first signs of space cooperation between the two former rivals in over 20 years.
The U.S. shuttle Atlantis was ferrying new cosmonauts to the Russian space station Mir. The shuttle would also ferry those on board, two Russians and American Norman Thagard, back to Earth in a week.
In sports news, former Symmes Valley pitcher John Paul Patterson had a standout performance at the Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Association All-Star Series.
In the first two games, Patterson took the mound in relief, struck out five batters and allowed two hits. In the second game in the final inning, Patterson crushed a 350-foot home run to give his team the win.

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