Baseball Slang Quiz

Published 10:17 pm Saturday, July 6, 2024

Test Your Baseball Slang

1. How do you refer to a batter who can hit the ball deep but short of the fence?

A. Switch Hitter; B. Weak Swinger; C. Warning Track Power; D. Easy Out

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2. What is it called when the bases are loaded?

A. All on; B. Potential Four; C. Three Out;  D. Bases Drunk

3. What is a ground ball that bounces over an infielder’s head called?

A. Baltimore Chop; B. Bouncer; C. Over The Top; D. High Grounder

4. What is a batted ball that drops suddenly from the air?

A. Bird Down; B. Dying Quail; C. Eagle Dive; D. Hit A Wall

5. When a pitcher has a strong arm, his arm is referred to as what?

A. A Flamethrower; B. A Comet; C. A Bazooka; D. Lightning

6. What’s another name for a catcher’s gear?

A. Stupid Gear; B. Tools of Ignorance; The Full Locker; 4. Rhino Cover

7. The major leagues are sometimes referred to as what?

A. Showtime; B. The Party; C. The Big Show; D. The Head

8. This is when a batter misses the third pitch and strikes out:

A. Broke; B. Dig; C. Whiff; D. Send Home

9. What is it call when a runner is picked off:

A. Runner Down; B. Dug Out; C. Side-eyed; D. Caught Napping

10. What’s an insanely athletic catch called:

A. Circus Catch; B. Hawking; C. Stalking; D. Heavy Hand

11. What is one of the top players on a team called?

A. All-Star; B. Crackerjack; C. General; D. Colonel

12. What do you call a ball hit at a defensive player:

A. Cutter; B. At ‘Em Ball; C. Gut Shot; D. Man-To-Man

13. This is a pitch in the middle of the strike zone?

A. Right Down Broadway; B. Bulls-eye; C. Red Zone; D. Split The Street

14. This is when a player comes out of the dugout for an ovation from the crowd

A. Showtime; B. Lights Out; C. Pull The Praise; D. Curtain Call

15. Another name for a curveball is?

A. Orbit Throw; B. Slinger: C. Deuce; D. Eye Candy

16. Another name for heavy hitter is?

A. Strong Arm; B. Orbit Hitter; C. Parking Lot Star; D. Fence Buster

17. A ground ball that is hit with a lot of speed is called?

A. Speed Ball; B. Putter; C. Gopher Ball; D. Worm Burner

18. What do you call it when a batter is walked?

A. Base Stealer; B. Give One; C. Free Pass; D. Stealing Muffins

19. What is it called when a team is playing on their home field?

A. Friendly Confines; B. Personal Lawn; C. Home Mat; D. House Party

20. What is a shutout called?

A. Whitewash; B. Big Egg; C. Big O; D. Goose Dropping

21. This is when a pitcher has a sore arm:

A. Glass Arm; B. Rubber Arm; C. String Arm; D. Poor Arm

22. What are the minor leagues sometimes called?

A. Bush League; B. Little League; C. Poor Man’s League; D. League of the Starving

23. What is a zero on the scoreboard called?

A. Big Egg; B. Rounder; C. Goose Egg; D. Blank Slate

24. What is the name for a batter who tries to anticipate a pitch?

A. Blind Swinger; B. Guess Hitter; C. Clue Hitter; D. Swing Hitter

25. A defensive player who constantly makes errors has what?

A. A Brick Glove; B. An Oil Glove; C. A Dumb Glove; D. An Iron Glove

26. What do you call a pitcher who’s capable of throwing to the edges of home plate?

A. Picasso; B. String Pitcher; C. Playing The Piano; D. Edge Pitcher

27. What’s another name for home plate:

A. Last Bun; B. Last Chapter; C. Fourth Corner; D. Platter

28. This is when players and/or coaches meet on the field to talk:

A. Office Meeting; B. Team Talk; C. Meeting Room; D. Pow Wow

29. What’s a fight on the field called:

A. Showdown; B. Child’s Play; C. Rhubarb; D. High Action

30. What is it called when a player follows the rules of baseball?

A. Goodie Goods; B. Play By The Book; C. Golden Play; D. Nice To Meet You

Answers: 1-C; 2-D; 3-A; 4-B; 5-A; 6-B; 7-C; 8-C; 9-D; 10-A; 11-B; 12-B; 13-A; 14-D; 15-C; 16-D; 17-D; 18-C; 19.-A; 20-A; 21-A; 22-A; 23-C; 24-B; 25-D; 26-A; 27-D; 28-D; 29-C; 30-B.