Royal appointments: 2024 Lawrence County Fair queen, king, princess crowned

Published 1:40 pm Tuesday, July 9, 2024

By Mark Shaffer
The Ironton Tribune

On Sunday, the 2024 Lawrence County Fair was officially opened and the royal court was named.
This year’s fair queen is Isabella Kerns, the fair princess is Allie Stallard and this year’s fair king is Devin Fife.
Kerns is a senior at Ironton High School and was the 2022 Lawrence County Fair princess. She is the daughter of BJ and Leslie Kerns, is a member of the Over Yonder 4-H club and was the 2024 senior Showman of Showmen champion.
“I was so surprised,” she said. “My heart was beating so fast because I was nervous. I was so happy when they called my name. I tried really hard at my interview for queen and all throughout my 4-H career to get here. This really means a lot.”
As queen, she will be at all the competitions and events and be a presence around the fair.
The first runner-up in the queen pageant was Kirsten Dome, the daughter of Jim and Carrie Dome, a senior in high school and a member of the Lawrence County Teen Leaders as well as the Farm Hands 4-H Club. Second runner-up was Enola Cade, daughter of Tom and Amber Cade, a junior at the University of Rio Grande and a member of the Lawrence County Teen Leaders.
Stallard had a roller coaster of emotions when she was named this year’s fair princess.
“I was so nervous before and then I was so excited because this is my last year doing it,” she said. “I am really excited and happy.”
She is the daughter of Erica and Robbie Fetty and Josh and Amy Stallard, a junior at Dawson-Bryant High School and a member of the Back Road Haybalers 4-H Club.
As princess, she will be at the small animal competitions and the 4-H projects events. She has experience because she has shown rabbits at the fair for years.
The first runner-up in the princess pageant was Cate Litner, daughter of Andy and Elizabeth Litner, a freshman at Ironton High School and a member of the Kitts Hill Willing Workers 4-H club. Second runner-up was Meredith Rogers, the daughter of Ryan and Elizabeth Rogers, a sophomore at Rock Hill High School and a member of the Barnbusters 4-H club.
Fife is the son of Stepheney and Paul Lewis, a junior at Symmes Valley High School and a member of the Decatur Buckles and Boots 4-H Club.
This is the second year for the fair king pageant.
Fife ran for king after his uncle talked him into it.
“Seeing as there was only one person who ran for it last year, I figured I should contribute to the cause and get more people to do it,” Fife said. “Luckily, there were three other fine gentlemen who decided to do this with me.”
While the queen and princess get crowns, the king gets a ball cap with their royal title and year on it. So, when it came time for the king to be crowned, 2023 Fair King Evan Clark had Fife kneel in the show ring of the large animal barn and then used a steer show stick to officially pass on the title in a ceremony reminiscent to a knighting ceremony. It was a surprise to everyone since Clark was the first Lawrence County Fair king and there wasn’t a tradition for the crowing of the king.
“It was a lot of fun,” Clark said. “I surprised (pageant organizer) Jessi Newman with it. Maybe it will catch on.”

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