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Budget at almost $6 million

Published 11:04am Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The total amount available for expenditures in the Ironton city budget is $5,892,630.21, the bulk of which — $2.5 million — comes from income taxes. Municipal fees account for another $896,400. Other big money funds outlined in the budget include the Local Government Fund at $235,000; municipal court (criminal) at $215,000; transfer from fire fee fund at $215,995; and indirect cost — reimbursements at $293,915.

The city’s total general fund expenses are estimated at $5,461,030.36, which projects a cash balance of $431,599.85 on Dec. 31, 2014.

Usage fees for the city’s sewage system will bring in a projected $1.2 million and that added to a prior year encumbrance of $834,535.34 and other revenue outlined in the fund totals $2,050,325.34 available for expenditure this fiscal year.

Gasoline taxes account for $350,000 of the city’s projected $468,266.72 street fund revenue and with expenditures projected at $446,013.88 a Dec. 31, 2014, cash balance of $22,252.84 is expected.

The demolition fund carried over $25,894.47 and a reimbursement from the State of Ohio of $13,000 creates $38,894.47 available for expenditure.

One fund that had one of the bigger prior year encumbrances is the wastewater treatment equipment replacement fund, which carried $393,567.34 over from last fiscal year.

The water treatment equipment replacement fund ended fiscal year 2013 $11,865.32 in the red but is projected to end 2014 with a cash balance of $6,234.68.

The municipal court projects fund had a prior year encumbrance of $256,159.70 and with only $50,000 in 2014 expenses projected and revenue of $73,000 the projected cash balance on Dec. 31 of this year is $279,159.70.


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