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Dawson-Bryant Elementary hosts book fair

COAL GROVE — Kyle Bone excitedly searched the bookshelves that have been set-up temporarily in his elementary school’s library.

The first-grader’s attention was drawn to a book about sharks, one of his favorite subjects, according to his teacher.

For Cameron Clark, on the other hand, only the spooky series Goosebumps would


During the first week of March each year, the students at Dawson-Bryant Elementary can find reading material that will suit just about any of their tastes, from ocean life all the way to ghosts and goblins.

The school’s Scholastic Book Fair started Monday and will last all week. “Our goal is to get as many books in children’s hands as possible,” school

librarian Gail Carpenter, said. “We really want to foster a love of reading.”

This year, the book fair’s theme was an “All you can read” diner. Each of the

schools teachers decorated their doors according to the theme. “The children helped with the doors as well so it helped build the

anticipation (for the fair),” Carpenter said.

With sixes cases and 35 boxes of books, the fair allows the opportunity to a selection of children’s books that1s unmatched even by area bookstores.

“Not every child gets the opportunity to go to a bookstore,” Carpenter said. “So we want every child to get the opportunity to get books and reading materials into their lives.”

Popular books this year have been those about iCarly and Taylor Swift as well as a book of world records.

Carpenter said the fair sells many books each year.

Aaron Carder, a third grader, liked a book about Star Wars. His favorite reading subject, though, is Pokemon.

“I got one (book) Monday,” he said. “It’s called Learn How to Draw Pokemon.”

Like Aaron, many of the students have been eagerly anticipating the fair.

“They look forward to it every year,” Carpenter said. “In November

children start asking me when the book fair is. This is the third year it’s

been in the first of March.

“The kids really enjoy it. They probably enjoy it more than I do or as much as I do.” Monday the school hosted family night. Parents got the opportunity to see

the fair and purchase books for their children.

“Our families are very supportive,” Carpenter said, adding that several of the parents had been to the fair with their children during the school day. “The kids love to bring their families in and show them where the library is.”