St. Lawrence Elementary wired up for the first day of school

Published 11:37 am Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks to the help of some volunteers, students at St. Lawrence Elementary School in Ironton began school today with an upgraded computer system.

Chris Monte, assistant principal of Ironton Catholic Schools, said the parents of the school are always willing to help out.

“We have had a group of parent volunteers who have worked this summer, running new wiring for the computer systems,” Monte said. “We have upgraded computers with flat screen monitors and laptops, and all have been connected on one system, one server.”

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Monte said the system will enable all the computers to have the same programs.

It will also allow the laptops to stay connected as the teachers go from classroom to classroom, enabling them to use programs like PowerPoint during a music class or in the library.

Jim Mains, administrator of Ironton Catholic Schools, said the students at St. Lawrence Elementary School begin computer classes in kindergarten.

“This day and age, you know, we all live by the computer, so we feel it’s very important to get them accustomed to the use, and the proper use,” Mains said.

Right around 100 students are enrolled in the elementary school and there are approximately 35 computers available for their use.

Mains said the enrollment at the elementary school is average compared to previous years, while enrollment at St. Joseph High School has increased some this year, with enrollment of approximately 90-95 students.