Flower bulb sale to boost civic groups mission

Published 9:45 am Monday, August 30, 2010

Ironton in Bloom is asking for your help in adding to the city’s beauty this coming spring, starting now.

The organization is selling Dutch Mill spring bulbs as a fundraiser to keep the city looking beautiful. There are 18 different kinds of bulbs and each set is sold for $6.

The number of bulbs in the set varies depending on the kind of bulbs purchased. For example, mixed daffodils are sold in sets of nine bulbs, while king daffodils that grow 6 inches taller are sold in sets of six bulbs.

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Carol Allen, member of Ironton in Bloom, said the bulbs will be sold through Sept. 14 and will be delivered during the week of Oct. 11.

“We’re doing it to raise money to help for the maintenance of our flowers we have planted this year,” Allen said. “We chose this fundraiser primarily because it fits in with the goal of the community, which is to make Ironton a prettier place to live and work. Most people who are going to be buying them are going to plant them in their yard. So we are a winner, they are a winner, and the city is a winner.”

Allen said people should have around six weeks to plant the bulbs before the ground would start to freeze.

“Most of them go into the ground, but we have one, the paper whites, that comes with a pot and four bulbs and people can plant that in their home anytime,” Allen said. “In four to five weeks they’ll bloom. That would make a nice Christmas present for your flower friends,” Allen said.

Allen said bulbs aren’t complicated to grow and they continue to come back year after year. The bulbs are also guaranteed.

“If they do not bloom in the spring, all we have to do is call the company and they will replace the bulbs for free,” Allen said.

“Ironton in Bloom’s goal is to plant pride in Ironton by involving our business and local government and our residents,” Allen said. “We initially started with projects that were beautification and that is what we are paying for in this case. Each year we have expanded the numbers of pots and pole planters that we have.”

Allen said Ironton in Bloom is a group of about 25 people, but with all the people they are working with, they are making a difference.

“The Friends (of Ironton) are doing a lot, the Port Authority is doing a lot and this group is just another side of the coin,” Allen said. “We are all trying to improve the city of Ironton.”

To purchase bulbs, or for more information, contact Carol Allen at (740) 532-4495, or Jan Wolfe at (740) 532-1030.