Squire Parsons performing at New Hope United Methodist

Published 10:38 am Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Squire Parsons became interested in music as a little boy, and, almost 60 years later, he is still going strong, making music in churches across the country.

Parsons is scheduled to sing at 7 p.m. Friday night at New Hope United Methodist Church in Proctorville. Admission is free.

Parsons grew up in a family with musical interests and involvement in church music ministry, and his own interest in music showed up in everything he did. He became involved in choir and band in high school and majored in music and voice and instrumental music at West Virginia University Institute of Technology. He has been singing professionally since 1975 when he joined the Kingsmen Quartet, and then went on his own in 1979.

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He described his style of music as primarily southern gospel, but with some other styles.

“We’re not limited to that,” he said.

Originally from Newton, W.Va., Parsons now lives in Leicester, N.C., and travels to many parts of the country, as far west as Texas and as far north as Maine. The traveling is the hardest part for him.

“After these many years, (traveling) is not quite as exciting as it used to be,” Parsons said. “I do most of my work from my coach and I have another fellow who does most of the driving. That gives me an opportunity to work on my music.”

Parsons said his wife, Linda, used to travel with him, but over the years her time on the road has lessoned.

“She states the bus is a man’s world,” Parsons laughed.

Parsons said most of his travel time is spent inside the bus, and as soon as a concert is over, they are often leaving and heading out for the next one.

“About everywhere we go looks like the inside of the bus,” he laughed.

The part Parsons has enjoyed most throughout the years hasn’t changed.

“We enjoy the services, being in the concerts with the people,” he said. “That’s the height of it all right there. I love the music, but I love the ministry more than the music.”

Parsons said another important part of what he does is to encourage the people and the churches.

“They do such a great work in the community, being positive influence, and I believe that’s where the most important works are taking place,” Parsons said of churches. “We enjoy putting the best program on that we can, but our desire is for the spiritual work to be accomplished.”

Parsons plans on being in ministry for as long as people are willing to listen to him.

“There’s nothing I’d rather do,” Parsons said. “It’s certainly a joy to be a part of it. I’m honored people have supported us through the years that we might be able to continue.”