Heavy rains result in hill slippage at South Point school

Published 11:03 am Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THE TRIBUNE/JESSICA ST JAMES South Point High School is seen in the distance as a sinkhole is seen in the foreground. The sinkhole is a result of excessive rains hammering the state.

SOUTH POINT — Heavy rain wreaked havoc on Lawrence County last week, not caring where it fell or what damage followed.

South Point High School and Middle School property felt the pain that came from the downpour, resulting in land slippage on the high school side of the property.

A section of the retaining wall washed out at the base of the location of the future baseball field. Farther down the property, near the shot put range and just above the football field, is a hole, estimated at 75 feet in length and 50 feet across, and an estimated 30 feet deep.

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The school was built four years ago, and Superintendent Ken Cook attributes the newness of the land to the problem.

“That’s a construction site,” Cook said. “With construction sites, loose soil moves when there’s been four or five inches of rain.”

The area is marked off with caution tape to deter anyone from getting too close, and, as a safety precaution, the shot put area is not being used.

Cook said the contractor in charge of the construction of the school was supposed to look at the property Tuesday to determine what should be done.

“Those people are responsible for their work,” Cook said. “They’re bonded.”

Cook said it will likely be fixed by filling the hole and stabilizing it, though he added he couldn’t speak for the contractor.

“We’re going to make sure the problem is taken care of,” Cook said.