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Going beyond the call of duty

South Point Middle School finds new way to help feed students


SOUTH POINT — Poverty is affecting more families everyday. Many children are living without simple necessities such as food. A South Point Middle School program aims to change that — or at least alleviate it as much as possible.

The school has started a food pantry backpack service. The goal is to provide food for the middle school students who truly need it and may not have access to food at home on the weekends.

“It’s been an issue for five years, since I’ve been here,” Michelle West, South Point Middle School nurse, said. “It’s been getting worse and worse.”

The backpack program was the brainchild of Brenda Huron, who works at Michael’s Grace Place, a local food pantry. She contacted West late last year about starting such a program in the school.

“She has been wanting to get something started in the schools for a long time,” West said. “It’s a starting process right now. We are just starting out and trying to get more kids. We don’t want to embarrass them at this age.”

West said some of the children have difficult home lives. She would like to reach out to these children in more ways than one.

“Even though I am a nurse, kids can confide in me,” West said. “If they need someone to talk to or need someone to listen, I don’t mind. I hope to help more kids with this program. Hopefully I can get more kids next year.”

West expressed her desire to get churches and other organizations involved.

“I hope it continues to grow and we get more kids and feed more kids,” West said. “I would love to feed as many kids as we can.”

For more information or to make a donation, contact Michelle West at 740-377-4343, ext. 3004.


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