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This sushi is created for sweet tooth

Students try their hand at making candy sushi.

Students try their hand at making candy sushi.

The Briggs Lawrence County Library in Ironton allowed children to mix the tastes of the Orient with their American sweet tooth.

Earlier this week, students were able to participate in one of the library’s afterschool programs where each child prepared a candy “sushi” dish. The confectionary sushi was made out of Rice Crispy Treats, assorted candies, and wrapped in a Fruit Roll-Up.

“It’s cool that the library does stuff like this,” said 11 year old, Autumn Clark. “I come here pretty often when they are having programs like this and it’s a lot of fun.”

Fun was the name of the game as much of the sweet sushi creations shared little resemblance with the Japanese delicacy.

“Mine didn’t look a lot like sushi,” Autumn said. “I kind of just threw it together so I could eat it.”