Lawsuits Filed — 6/22/14

Published 3:47 am Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lawsuits filed

• JP Morgan Chase Bank National Assoc. vs. Everly K. Ackison, et al, foreclosure, $49,738.

• Branch Banking and Trust Co. vs. Robert J. Murray, et al, foreclosure, $69,191.

• Susan McCoy and Jake McCoy vs. Speedway LLC, personal injury.

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• Citi Mortgage Inc. vs. William H. Sexton, foreclosure, $57,086.

• Caylee King vs. Nicholas Lucas, stalking.

• Angela Rickard vs. Progressive Insurance Company, et al, personal injury.

• Larry and Charles Dement vs. Thomas Stamper, et al, land title.

• Carl E. Bowen vs. Barbara J. Rutledge, et al, personal injury.

• Megan Dillon vs. David Adkins, stalking.

• Megan Dillon vs. Tina Adkins, stalking.

• Huntington National Bank vs. Linda Saunders, et al, personal loan, $63,338.

• Globe Hardwood Inc. vs. Structures Inc. et al, breach of contract in excess of $25,000.

• John Boggs vs. Patriot Emergency Medical Services, personal injury.

• Stephen D. Burcham vs. James Matthew Wysong et al, foreclosure of lien.

• E-Loan Inc vs. Steve Moatz et al, foreclosure, $56,251.

• Ohio Valley Bank vs. Leslie D. Ferris, foreclosure, $55,662.