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Alleged murderer indicted

A South Point man accused of murder was indicted this week by a Lawrence County grand jury.

Justin A. Wilson, 25, of 223 Township Road 1186 Apt. 43, South Point, was formally charged with murder, an unclassified felony, and third-degree tampering with evidence.

The grand jury also found Wilson was in possession of a firearm during the crime, which, if he is convicted, would carry additional mandatory prison time.

Wilson is alleged to have shot and killed 30-year old Justin Adams on Jan. 13 after an alleged drug-related dispute at Eller’s residence.

Wilson was arrested after two weeks on the run.

Also indicted were William D. Rice, 24, of 65 Township Road 510 N., South Point, and Nicole M. Eller, 29, of 37 Township Road 616 Apt. 9, South Point, who were each indicted on counts of complicity to murder and third-degree tampering with evidence and obstructing justice.

According to investigators, Wilson and Rice, who turned himself in to police, allegedly began demanding money they claimed Adams had stolen from them. Wilson allegedly began assaulting Adams and then produced a small caliber handgun and fired at least one shot that struck Adams in the face. Wilson and Rice then allegedly fled the residence.

Other indictments filed this week by the office of Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney Brigham Anderson are:

• Bryan Shaffer, 44, of 764 County Road 3, Chesapeake, eight counts of breaking and entering, one count of theft and one count of tampering with evidence;

• Tommi Perry, 32, of 424 County Road 3, Chesapeake, one count of theft, one count of receiving stolen property, four counts of complicity to breaking and entering, one count of complicity to theft;

• Tabitha L. Horsley, 26, of 109 Pinecrest Drive, Ashland, theft and receiving stolen property;

• Brian K. Gipson AKA Gibson, 41, of 644 Limestone Branch, Salyersville, Kentucky, identity fraud and resisting arrest;

• Franklin K. Hall, 36, of 611 Mill St., Ironton, felonious assault;

• Joseph L. Whitmore, 35, of 801 Second St. E., South Point, tampering with evidence, possession of heroin, possession of cocaine;

• Robert B. Eldred, 29, of 6634 Cambridge Ave., Cincinnati, aggravated burglary;

• Taylor R. Stevens, 24, of Reed Street, Flatwoods, Kentucky, possession of heroin;

• Zachary S. Ragalyi, 32, of 2831 N. Staunton Road, Huntington, theft;

• Tanagnika N. Miller, 26, of 55 Hunt Ave., Charleston, West Virginia, forgery and identity fraud;

• Joe Allen Webb II, 36, of 14284 State Route 7, Proctorville, theft;

• Darnell Wise, 33, of 31 Private Drive 8700, Proctorville, forgery;

• Audrey Lester, 48, of 92 Township Road 1122, Proctorville, theft of drugs;

• Bradley D. King, 27, of 80 Township Road 1205, Proctorville, breaking and entering;

• Briann D. Evans, of 10 Private Drive 15 Apt. C, South Point, breaking and entering;

• Nicholas B. Blaylock, 30, of 832 County Road 15, South Point, theft;

• Keith P. Cremeans, 37, of 1043 County Road 59, Chesapeake, trafficking in heroin, complicity to trafficking in heroin, complicity to trafficking in drugs and complicity to trafficking in marijuana;

• Stephanie L. Martin, 42, of 20 Township Road 1039 Apt. 9, Chesapeake, trafficking in heroin, complicity to trafficking in drugs and complicity to trafficking in marijuana;

• Belinda L. Gorby, 47, of 157 Township Road 1107, Proctorville, forgery;

• James Martin, 39, of 20 Township Road 1039 Apt. 9, Chesapeake, four counts of trafficking in heroin, trafficking in drugs, trafficking in marijuana and having weapons under a disability;

• Jacob E. Ball, 27, of 1365 County Road 1 Apt. 11, South Point, failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer;

There were also three secret indictments.

And indictment is a formal charge and accused individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.