Proctorville mayor, fire department team up on flooding efforts

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, March 25, 2015

PROCTORVILLE — Proctorville Mayor Rick Dunfee said that this year’s bad weather caused the storm drains in the village to back up, and in turn, required the village to manually pump the water back into the river.

“This year with all of the big snow that melted and rain, the river gets up to about 45 or 46 feet,” Dunfee said. “When the river backs up, it shuts the valve off and when the storm drain has no where to drain, it ends up flooding the village.”

The village has a small pump that it uses for situations like this, but with the amount of water there was, the fire department had to come and help pump water down the drain, Dunfee said.

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“I just want to thank all of our workers and the volunteer fire department,” Dunfee said. “They were out pumping for several hours a day for four days straight to keep the water down within the last week or so. Our community is so tight-knit and I can’t thank our workers and volunteers enough for working together to keep the water down.”