Lawsuits filed — 4/8/15

Published 9:47 am Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lawsuits filed

— April Mize vs. Jeffrey Smith, personal injury.

— Fairland Association of Classroom Teachers and John McClung vs. Fairland Local School District Board of Education, breach of contract.

— Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Jack Matthew Dillon et al, foreclosure, $63,264.

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— Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., vs. Deanna D. Bledsoe et al, foreclosure, $44,203.

— Community Trust Bank vs. Bobby J. Faulkner, debt, $17,604.

— Oatis Davis vs. Edward J. Holmes Jr., stalking.

— Miranda Devaney vs. Jeffrey Crabtree, domestic violence.

— Sharon Walters vs. Richard Cornell, domestic violence.

— Oshanya V. Spencer vs. Jeremiah Spencer-Aiken, domestic violence.

— Jill’s Tumble World LLc and Tumble World Encore LLC vs. Garrett McGuire, breach of non-competition contract.

— Sean D. Paulus vs. John Doe et al, libel.

— J and M Towing vs. Michael P. Patterson, clerk of courts, request for certificate for title of towed vehicle.

— Springleaf Financial Service of Ohio vs. David P. Erb Jr., debt, $2,842.

— Amy Moore vs. Estate of Henry Thompson, Estate of Cheryl Ann Miller, land contract.

— PHH Mortgage Corporation vs. Dylan Robert Dailey et al, foreclosure, $50,080.

— Bank of America vs. James C. Murnahan, foreclosure, $120,812.

— Vanderbuilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. vs. Anthony Lee Atkins, foreclosure, $57.807.

— Nicholas Financial Inc. vs. Angela Midkiff, debt, $6,469.

— Julie and Winford R. Sturgill vs. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co. et al, fire damages to home.

— Fifth Third Mortgage Co. vs. Brent A. Lewis et al, foreclosure, $40,477.

— John Greene vs. CR Capitol Group LLC, transfer of real estate.

— Lauren N. White vs. Devon K. Harmon, domestic violence.

— Robert D. Phillips vs. Terry M. Howard et al, person injury.

— JP Morgan Chase Bank vs. Lora L. Clarkson, foreclosure, $30,676

— Chestene Bickle vs. Walmart Stores Inc. et al, personal injury.

— Bank of New York Mellon Corp. vs. Teresa S. Collins, foreclosure, $109,729.

— Kellie Miller vs. William “Bill” McKee, stalking.

— James M. Weber vs. Kenneth J. Pyles, personal injury.

— Johnathan McDonald vs. Cynthia Clagg, stalking.

— Cabell Huntington Hospital Inc. vs. Marybeth Lacroix and James Lacroix, debt, $15,202.

— Capital One Bank U.S.A. vs. Pamela J. Barrett, debt, $4,223.

— Desco Federal Credit Union vs. Christopher D. Hopper et al, foreclosure, $30,961.

— Andrea Wiley and Richard Holland vs. Dwight Dillon, request for easement.

— Michael D. Wood vs. Spare Time Recreation Inc. et al, workers’ compensation claim.

— Beneficial Financial I Inc. vs. Phillip L. Earl et al, foreclosure, $72,219.

— Linda L. Neely vs. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. et al, personal injury.

— Citizens National Bank vs. Steven D. Prince, foreclosure, $25,509.

— Dreama Litton vs. Floyd Jesse Gordon Boggs, stalking.

— State Farm Fire and Casualty Ins. Co. vs. Jennifer L. Cook, damages from fire.

— Sterling Jewelers Inc. vs. Tom Mahon, debt, $3,467.

— Springleaf Financial Services of Ohio Inc., Amanda B. Miller, debt, $4,605.

— Elsea Financial Services Inc. vs. Troy Earles et al, repossession, $24,450.

— SLM Private Credit Student Loan Trust vs. John A. Ryan, debt, $30,074.

— Navient Education Loan Corp. vs. John A. Ryan, debt, $4,344.

— SLM Private Credit Student Loan Trust vs. John A. Ryan, debt, $17,511.

— SLM Private Credit Student Loan Trust vs. John A. Ryan, debt, $6,769.