Preschoolers beat record for raising funds for El Hasa Shriners

Published 10:39 am Wednesday, April 22, 2015

For at least 11 years, Rock Hill preschoolers have raised money for the El Hasa Shriners of Ashland, and this year, the students raised more money than ever.

This past Friday, El Hasa Clan #1 Outhouse #8 Hillbillies, a clan of the Shriners, were at the preschool as the students presented them with $1,450 that will assist with the transportation fund for the children’s hospitals in Cincinnati and Lexington, Kentucky. The money came after four weeks of the students collecting.

“We explain to the students what it is for and what the money will go toward,” Carrie Mullins, Rock hill preschool administrative assistant, said. “We explain to them that it helps other children and they go and ask their family, friends and neighbors for donations.”

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This year’s top two collectors were Christopher Wilson, who raised $541.57, and Kylee Brooks, who raised $229.36. Both were presented with a hillbilly hat and certificate.

“My heart is full of joy that the children understood what the cause was for and they were very eager to help out other children,” Mullins said. “It’s a great experience for the children to learn and helping out other children is a great cause.”