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Mayor, ICC members take helm

New Ironton Mayor Katrina Keith was publicly sworn in Tuesday evening in the lobby of the Ironton City Center, capping off her first day in office.

Residents and city leaders gathered as Lawrence County assistant prosecuting attorney and Ironton city solicitor Mack Anderson swore Keith in, which was followed by an Ironton City Council organizational meeting in the council chambers, where new council members Rich Blankenship, Chuck O’Leary and Kevin Waldo were also sworn in by Anderson.

Vice Mayor Craig Harvey began the organizational meeting, which besides swearing in the new council members, included an invocation by the Rev. Steve Harvey, of Sharon Baptist Church, the pledge to the flag, appointing positions and establishing committees and a benediction by the Rev. Butch Deer, of Church of the King.

“I want to publicly thank Rich Blankenship for service the past eight years as mayor,” Harvey said. And the previous council members for all of their work in improving the city the past four years.”

Marta Leach was appointed temporary clerk of council before a roll call and then appointed permanent clerk of council. Bob and Mack Anderson were appointed city solicitors, Brigham Anderson was appointed prosecutor and Kristen Martin was appointed finance director.

Ironton City Council members in newly formed committees are as follows:

• Finance Committee: Craig Harvey, Kevin Waldo and Bob Cleary.

• Public Utilities Committee: Rich Blankenship, Beth Rist and Bob Cleary.

• Industrial and Commercial Committee: Bob Cleary, Chuck O’Leary and Rich Blankenship.

• Parks and Recreation Committee: Beth Rist, Dave Frazer and Craig Harvey.

• Annex: Kevin Waldo, Dave Frazer and Chuck O’Leary.