Longtime mayoral secretary fired

Published 10:35 am Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mayor cites need for ‘administrative assistant’

Ironton Mayor Katrina Keith decided to go in a different direction regarding her office secretary position, stating she wants more of an administrative assistant rather than a secretary, and terminated Marta Leach this past Friday.

“It was a performance-based decision,” Keith said. “I was looking for more of a mayoral assistant rather than just a receptionist.”

Keith said that more responsibilities were given to the position, and although the same position was offered to Leach, she couldn’t take on the extra duties.

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Leach, however, said she was shocked at the decision and that she felt like she was set up to fail.

“I got called into her office at about 4 p.m. on Friday,” Leach said. “She had a letter that said wasn’t working out and she had made the decision to terminate me because she wanted someone more aggressive. She put a letter in my file with issues about a month ago, which have since been resolved, and I responded with a letter that she didn’t address or go over with me at all.”

Leach added that she felt the issues addressed to her were trivial and that she had to turn her keys in the moment she was terminated, without being able to get her things.

She said she went back with a benefit specialist on Sunday to do so.

“I’m not an aggressive person, but I’m loyal and respectful to everyone and feel like I’ve gone above and beyond what I could have done. I knew just about everyone who came in there and was nothing but respectful and nice to them,” Leach said. “I’ve been there five and a half years. I’m about three years out from retirement and looking at no job. However, I have a lot of people’s support.”

Taking over for Leach is Terri Smith, whose first day was Wednesday.

Keith said Smith previously worked in the prison system.