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Self-taught artist has Proctorville show

PROCTORVILLE — Self-taught artist Petcharut Channongsuang is focusing his talent right now on landscapes.

“I love landscapes,” the Thailand-born artist said. “Landscape is the beginning of everything. They are beautiful.”

Through Aug. 20, 30 pieces from Chan’s studio will be on display at the Ohio University Southern Proctorville Center.

A friend got him interested in painting and he mainly deals with acrylics.

“It made me happy,” he said. “I should do some more.”

Monthly exhibits are a regular feature at the Proctorville Center, under the director of art professor Gary Tillis.

During the school year Tillis focuses on more established artists.

“I reserve my summer schedule for people new to the exhibit scene and are needing a place to start and a place to grow,” Tillis said. “That was one of my motivating factors.”

Today Chan lives in Crown City and his children attend Fairland district schools.

“The fact that he was from Thailand, I was looking for a multicultural connection,” Tillis said. “He is serious about learning. He is self-taught. Everybody needs a chance to grow artistically.”