7 new cruisers on horizon for sheriff

Published 11:21 am Friday, September 9, 2016

Commissioners send letter asking for price quote

It may not be 10 like Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless originally asked for at last week’s county commission meeting, but Thursday, Lawrence County Commissioner Bill Pratt recommended that seven cruisers be purchased for the sheriff’s office.

The total cost of the vehicles is approximately $210,000, and Pratt said that one of the vehicles can be a pickup truck if Lawless wants, as Lawless also asked for a pickup truck for the department last week.

“He wanted 10, but if we get seven, in five years we would have replaced the entire fleet of sheriff’s vehicles and EMS vehicles,” Pratt said. “Seven cruisers in the current fleet have more than 200,000 miles on them.”

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A motion was made to write a letter to Lawless, letting him know about the recommendation that the commissioners are willing to purchase the seven cruisers.

“He’ll come up with a quote for the cost,” Pratt said. “Then we can take action from there.”

Also at commission, the commissioners:

• Approved and signed the weekly invoices and certificates presented by the auditor’s office.

• Approved five floodplain permits.

• Received and filed the dog warden report.

• Received and filed the EMS monthly report dated Aug. 1-Aug. 31, 2016.

• Transferred and appropriated funds.

• Changed the status of paramedic Judy Land from part-time paramedic to full-time paramedic, effective Sept. 11, 2016.

• Approved and signed the resolution authorizing the submission of 2016 CDBG funds for next year, which are as follows: $32,000 for parks and recreation for the Burlington trail project, raised planter beds and Ironton walking trail plaques, $50,000 for neighborhood facilities for the Proctorville fire hydrant project, $45,000 for clearance for any county or city demolition, $25,000 for façade improvements to be used in downtown Ironton and $38,000 for fair housing and general admission, which will go back to the CAO.

• Advertised for a public hearing and public viewing to vacate Township Road 236N in Aid Township.

• Approved acquiring a bond for EmergiTech hardware and system upgrades for Lawrence County EMS, for a total first year investment of $67,284.