IFD teaches fire safety, prevention

Published 11:44 am Friday, October 21, 2016

Visits take place at schools, daycare

Throughout the month of October for National Fire Prevention Month, the Ironton Fire Department has traveled to various schools, Head Starts and daycare programs teaching children about the importance fire safety.

Children not only learn tips for what to do in case there’s a fire in their home, such as getting out of the house as fast as possible and calling 911, but they also learn preventative measures to take, including making sure all smoke detectors are working properly.

On Tuesday, crews from the department attended toddler time at the Ironton Briggs Library and visited Open Door School on Thursday, adding to the previous appointments the department has conducted.

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Demonstrations of a fireman putting on full gear are shown in order for the children to know that they are there to help and that the children shouldn’t be scared. To conclude the sessions, the children had the opportunity to see and learn about firetrucks and how they work.

Other fire departments throughout the county have taken part in similar activities for National Fire Prevention Month as well.