Commission seat will not be filled

Published 10:31 am Thursday, December 8, 2016

Less than one month left in term

With the recent resignation of former Lawrence County commissioner and Commission President Les Boggs, with less than a month remaining in his term, the Lawrence County Republican Central Committee met Wednesday evening and voted not to appoint someone to the seat for the remainder of the year.

The committee, which is comprised of one member from each of the 84 county precincts, had an option of either leaving the seat open, appointing another Republican to the seat, or appointing Democratic commissioner-elect DeAnna Holliday, who is set to take the seat over at the beginning of the year. Committee member Casey Baker said 35 of the 84 members were present at the meeting, and the final vote was 29-6 not to appoint anyone to the seat.

“Under our statute, we don’t need a majority present, but rather just the majority of who’s there,” Baker said.
“I think there was a consensus there at this point that it wasn’t in the party’s best interest to appoint someone at this particular time.”

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