Estimated figures announced for EMS tax levy

Published 10:35 am Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A 2-mill tax levy that will appear on the November ballot regarding Lawrence County EMS would bring in an additional $2,324,787 in tax revenue if passed.

At the Lawrence County Commission meeting Tuesday, the estimated amounts were announced, and broken down by each type of property class, which include agricultural, residential, mineral, industrial, commercial and public utility.

The total for each class’ initial values adds up to $1,242,815,920, with a 93 percent collection rate for all but public utility, which has a collection rate of 95 percent.

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Taking account of the adjusted values of collections, the total adds up to $1,162,393,295. If the levy passes, the $2,324,787 would add to that amount.

Also at the meeting, Larry Pernestti, with the Concerned Residents of Lawrence County, touched on a number of issues regarding the county, including upcoming ODOT projects, the need for working cell towers throughout the whole county and residents in the Macedonia Hill area of South Point, accounting to about 45 homes, still not having running water.

Regarding the cell towers, Lawrence County 911 Director Lonnie Best and Lawrence County EMA Director Michael Boster said that AT&T is currently in a federal contract to develop a system for 100 percent coverage within five years, which just started within the past year.

Boster added that until then or another solution, the county will continue using the MARCS system, which has been successful.

Regarding the running water issue for residents in the Macedonia Hill area of South Point, Commission President Bill Pratt said that a survey of residents in that area that would ask various questions about water usage was previously discussed, but never completed.

Pratt also added that the county was previously given an estimate of about $3 million from Hecla Water and Aqua Water to complete the needed work to get running water to the area, which is out of the county’s reach.

Pernestti said that he would like to get these surveys completed to see if anything is able to get done. The Macedonia Hill area is not the only part of the county without running water however, and he also expressed his desire to help out everyone in the county receive the necessity of running water.

In the commissioners’ reports, Commissioner Freddie Hayes Jr. set up a county officeholder meeting for 2 p.m. Tuesday, June 27 at The Depot. Commissioner DeAnna Holliday also expressed her desire for commission to start meeting with the township trustees about once a quarter.

In other action, the commissioners:

• Received and filed the Dog Warden Report dated May 27, 2017.

• Approved one floodplain permit.

• Received and filed the Project-Specific Release of Funds of Environmental Conditions for B-F-15-1BN-1, by Cindy Anderson, CAO.

• Received and filed the correspondence from the Ohio Department of Transportation regarding the Bridge Replacement Project for Lawrence County State Route 141.

• Approved and signed the Resolution for OVRDC regarding the 2018 Local Participating Funds.

• Approved Bill Pratt to sign the Grant for Certificate of Confidential Funds as requested by the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office.

• Received and filed the Ohio Division of Liquor Control notice to Elizabeth Township.

• Approved to hire Adam Evicks as part-time Paramedic effective June 8, 2017, and to hire Jeremy Wrenn and Chad Sansom as part-time Paramedics effective June 13, 2017.

• Approved and signed the Ohio Means Jobs SFY 18/19 MOU Partner and Services Matrix as requested by Jewell Hackworth.

• Approved one appropriation fund.

• Received and filed the correspondence from the Lawrence County Auditor’s Office regarding the EMS Tax Levy.

• Granted a 20-year lease to VFW Post 6878 in Proctorville for a piece of property owned by the county but used and kept up by the post as a campground and for recreational activities in addition to its current lease.

• Met in executive session with Bill Click, dog warden, regarding personnel; hire, fire, reprimand. No action was taken.

• Met in executive session with EMS Director Buddy Fry regarding personnel; hire, fire, reprimand. No action was taken.

Upcoming commission meetings away from the commission chambers include 6:45 p.m. Thursday, June 22 at the Burlington Commons Park; 1 p.m. Tuesday, July 11 at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds in Proctorville; and 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 16 at Bill Pratt’s farm.