D-B Elementary students raise money for organ donation

Published 10:17 am Saturday, November 18, 2017

COAL GROVE — This school year, Dawson-Bryant Elementary has started a “Kids Who Care!” program of various community service projects as a way to teach the students the importance of being kind and caring citizens.

The goal of the program is to reach out to community members and families, and building partnerships where the school can help others.

The first project of the program was to raise money for Allison Payne Rose, a member of the Dawson-Bryant family who recently lost her life after dealing with the challenges of organ donation.

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The school had a goal of raising $500 for organ donation and research, which it met by raising $563, and also through the effort, 47 people registered to be organ donors.

“This has been a great learning experience for myself and all of my kids. I believe it is important to teach them at an early age the value of being good citizens,” Dawson-Bryant Elementary Principal Angie LaFon said. “The students worked hard at this project, and I’m proud of their effort. Hopefully our contribution will make a difference.”

Some of the students who participated also feel like the project and program provides a great learning experience.

“I think it’s very kind of students to care for people who are complete strangers and want to help collect money for research and give organs,” Marlee Malone said. “It’s touching to see how much money we raised and how many people signed up quickly to become organ donors.”

Steeler Waulk agreed.

“I think it’s amazing how people signed up and care about people’s lives and want to help people live longer.”

The next project of the “Kids Who Care!” program began this month, and focuses on supporting the troops.