LCDD unveils new brand

Published 9:56 am Thursday, February 1, 2018

Changes include updated logo, simplified mission statement

A new identity for Lawrence County Developmental Disabilities was recently launched, including a new name, new logo, new mission statement and list of core values to accompany the approval of its 2018 Strategic Plan.

Formerly known as the Lawrence County Board of Developmental Disabilities, the new names drops “Board of,” and its new logo incorporates aspects of the new mission and core values to showcase them in the form of a colorful flower with the tagline “Growing Possibilities.”

“Our new logo best represents what LCDD stands for today,” Tim Nunnery, LCDD public relations director, said. “The visual elements are all there to reflect what we’re about and we’ve emphasized them with this design. Each aspect of the logo has a meaning, and we put a lot of thought into developing it.”

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The LCDD’s new mission statement is also more simplified and clear for the agency. It now reads “To promote advocacy, inclusion and personal growth.” The 2018 Strategic Plan also institutes core values that the agency hadn’t established until now. Those core values are communication, accountability, safety, integrity and compassion.

Nunnery added that the flower stands tall, in order to represent advocacy, and is among other flowers to show its inclusion with others. In the flower itself, personal growth is reflected, as it will continue to grow.

Each petal of the flower is a different color, representing each of LCDD’s core values.

Orange represents communication, the transparent petal represents accountability, green represents safety, blue represents integrity, and pink represents compassion.

The new logo was designed in-house, and the new visual identity presents the agency as modern and evolving, reflects the strength and direction of the new brand, and represents its commitment to the individuals LCDD serves in Lawrence County.

“We’re really excited about revamping several characteristics of our organization,” Nunnery said. “We’re long overdue for some changes, and we’re hoping that those will be seen by many, both internally and externally.”

Along with these changes, Nunnery also said LCDD will update its website in the coming weeks, as well as realigning certain positions within to run more efficiently and better serve its individuals.