Students show off projects

Published 8:48 am Thursday, February 15, 2018

Annual Maker Faire in its second year at Dawson-Bryant Elementary

DEERING — Thirty Dawson-Bryant Elementary School enrichment students showed off projects they created, either individually or as a team, at the school’s second annual Marker Faire Tuesday afternoon.

The event is to celebrate the students’ inventive talents, and, similar to a science fair, combines mathematics, creativity and ingenuity as students utilize original ideas to invent resourceful products.

“Their projects are products that they have created using recyclable items,” Katie Hamm, Dawson-Bryant Elementary enrichment teacher, said. “They learn about the importance of recycling, and then they do a cost analysis on their products to determine profit and create a linear graph based on profit. There’s also a technology component to it, as they have to create a commercial for their product as well.”

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Each project was set up at the Maker Faire, as community members and teachers went around to judge.

The winning third grade projects belonged to Connor and Hayden Kingery, who created the “Gum-O-Tropolis,” a candy dispenser that has creative twists and turns, and Evelyn Mader, who created the “Trashie,” a two-in-one disposable sink and trash dispenser out of recyclable plastics.

In the fourth grade, winning projects belonged to Loribelle Boyd and Braelie Hitchcock, who created the “Floater 101.2,” a floating organizer to keep all of your items dry around the pool, and Hayden Hatcher and Rylan Smith, who created the “Householder,” a product designed to help hold and dispense usable products within the home.

Winning fifth grade projects belonged to Logan Coffman and Tanner Large, who created the “Couch Potato,” an all-in-one carrying device to hold all of your eating essentials, and Abbie Deeds, who created the “Sleeper,” a handmade blanket made from plastic bags to keep homeless people warm.