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ADAMHS Board resolution approved

Chesapeake-Rome Lions Club supports bypass

The Lawrence County Commission approved a resolution for the Adams, Lawrence and Scioto counties Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board, Bringing Help, Bringing Hope.

“The members of the Lawrence County Commission are committed to leading Lawrence County in expressing our gratitude and appreciation to all community members working on the front lines in the fight against Ohio’s opioid epidemic. The Adams, Lawrence and Scioto ADAMHS Board will nurture and reinforce county and community efforts to prevent and treat addiction, including opioids, educate youth and adults about addiction and recovery, promote family building an workforce development as ways of combatting the effect of addiction on communities, and encourage community engagement in efforts to address this present opioid epidemic,” the resolution states. “Lawrence County is working to build a comprehensive system of prevention, education, intervention, interdiction, treatment and recovery for all citizens of Lawrence County. Through this work, we will continue to bring hope to our community and build the understanding that treatment works and people recover. The members of the Lawrence County Commission pledge our full support for the individuals, family members and professionals throughout our community who are bringing help and bringing hope by working day in and day out to save lives, provide treatment, assist families and support recovery in Lawrence County.”

Another item on the commission agenda was to accept a correspondence from the Chesapeake-Rome Lions Club, regarding the club’s support of the Chesapeake Bypass.
Commission President Bill Pratt read the letter, which stated that at the club’s most recent meeting, it was unanimously voted to support the completion of the Chesapeake Bypass, adding that there is a great need for the highway on the eastern end of the county.

In other action, the commission:

• Approved one new floodplain permit and three floodplain permit renewals.

• Received and filed the Dog Warden Reports dated Feb. 27, March 3 and March 10, 2018.

• Signed the resolution for the ADAMHS Board, March 27, 2018.

• Approved and signed the Request for Release of Funds totaling $120,000 for BF17-1BN-1 for Ironton downtown facilities, as requested by the Ironton-Lawrence County Community Action Organization (CAO).

• Terminated the employment of Samantha Wood and Steven Rigsby from Lawrence County EMS for failure to attend a mandatory employee meeting, effective March 15, 2018.

• Approved the Cross Management Consulting Services contract. This is done annually for Lawrence County EMS.

• Received and filed the Lawrence County Juvenile Court Secure Detention Services regarding no longer funding secure detention services.

• Approved two appropriations.

• Approved 16 transfer funds.

• Approved the following bidders be awarded contracts to furnish materials to the Lawrence County Engineer for 2018: aggregate to BW Tucking and liquid asphalt to Marathon Petroleum Company.

• Declared last week National Agriculture Week.

• Met in executive session with Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless regarding personnel; hire, fire, reprimand. No action was taken.

• Met in executive session with Mack Anderson, civil prosecutor, regarding legal contracts. No action was taken.

• Met in executive session with Lisa Pine, URS, regarding legal contracts. No action was taken.