Ironton band, others to open for Bobaflex on Friday

Published 8:27 am Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Concert will be at the V Club in Huntington

An Ironton-area band is set to perform its first public show in more than a decade after recently getting back together.

Pi, consisting of lead vocalist Kevin Brammer, bassist Todd Frazer, guitarists Uriah Stewart and Chris Carlyle, drummer John Delawder and Cameron Miller on keys, will open up for headliner Bobaflex Friday evening at the V Club in Huntington.

“The band started back in high school in the early 2000s with Kevin and myself. We later added Uriah and Todd, and Chris came shortly after,” Delawder said. “The plan to get back together came this winter when Kevin and I started talking again after all these years. We asked the rest of the guys, and they were all excited to do it, and it quickly fell back into form.”

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Stewart also said that when the band first started, it was called “Poor Man’s Pie,” but was later changed to Pi. Miller joined the band on the keyboard earlier this year as part of its revamp.

“We play a hard rock, kind of progressive style,” Delawder said. “We’re in the vein of A Perfect Circle, Coheed and Cambria and bands like that.”

Besides Pi, other bands opening for Bobaflex on Friday include Washington D.C.-based band Super Bob, consisting of lead singer Matt Santoro, guitarist Adam Smith and Michelle Anthony on drums, and Huntington, West Virginia band Zero Dark Thirty, consisting of Alex Altizer on lead vocals and guitar, Brett Jarrett on lead guitar and vocals, Derek Payne on bass and vocals and drummer David McCray.

Bobaflex, headlining the show, is from Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and consists of Shaun McCoy on guitar and vocals, Martin McCoy on guitar and vocals, Jake Earley on guitar and vocals, Tommy Johnson on drums and Jymmy Tolland on bass and vocals.

The concert begins at 7:30 p.m., and the V Club is located at 741 Sixth Ave. in Huntington.