Artist overcame the odds

Published 11:39 am Saturday, September 29, 2018

Ironton artist Todd Frazer, 35, said he found his inspirations through the rebuilding of hitting rock bottom in his life.

Frazer was an alcoholic for nearly half of his life, which led to countless troubles and legal issues, and he even almost died on two separate occasions from complications from his type 1 diabetes.

“I eventually found myself in a homeless shelter and recovery center with nothing but a pencil and copy paper,” Frazer said. “I started to draw the people who were at the shelter with me, and who were as well in the early moments of change, missing their families and dealing with all of the troubles that have amounted them up to that point.”

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He added that when he began to talk to them, he found that art made a difference.

“I’ve come from learning hard lessons and from falling and learning to pick myself back up again,” he said. “Failure and loss is indeed a part of life, and I am aware of what I’m working towards. I want to be able to help as many people as I can, and I found that art has a healing message when words can’t seem to help.”

Frazer started his business, Scribbles and Splotches, in 2012, which incorporates his mixed media style. Works from his portfolio have been featured in Game Informer magazine, Illustrated Monthly, Art Collective, I.S.I.  Unite and locally, the Tri-State Artists Association, among others.

Being sober since the beginning of his Scribbles and Splotches business, Frazer said he has found many ways to give back through his art, from raising money for different charities and foundations, to families in need, to recovery centers.

When Frazer isn’t working on his art, he said he enjoys spending time with his daughter and playing the bass.

To view some of Frazer’s pieces, visit the Scribbles and Splotches Facebook and Instagram pages.