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HHW collection event a success

Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District Director Dan Palmer called the district’s Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection event this past weekend a big success.

“We had a very good turnout, and we moved a lot of items,” Palmer said. “We had people lined up to the highway again, and there were no lulls in the day; cars were constant.”

The event, which occurs every two years, takes place at the former Dow Chemical plant in Hanging Rock, now property of the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation (LEDC).

A total of 283 vehicles came through to take advantage of the service, with 121 from Scioto County and 162 from Lawrence County.

Palmer also released the breakdown of items collected, which is as follows:
• 25 lbs. of batteries
• 534 tires
• 1,114 lbs. of aerosols/flammables
• 12,904 lbs. of paint-related materials
• 1,659 lbs. of oil
• 15,000 lbs. of latex paint
• 6 lbs. of propane tanks
• 40 lbs. of fire extinguishers
• 1,632 lbs. of flammable liquids
• 774 lbs. of toxic solids
• 989 lbs. of toxic liquids
• 208 lbs. of corrosive liquids/acidic
• 505 lbs. of corrosive liquids/basic
• 6,000 lbs. of non-regulated
electrical equipment
• 455 lbs. of environmentally
hazardous substances
• 54 lbs. of alkaline batteries
• 208 lbs. of fluorescent bulbs
• 10 lbs. of mercury
• 69 lbs. of pharmaceutical pills
• 64 lbs. of liquid meds

Palmer also took a survey of how people found out about the event, with the majority seeing it in newspaper articles and ads, followed by Internet, radio and other (friends, brochures, etc.).

“We’re certainly glad to see people take advantage of this service,” Palmer said. “I was very pleased with the outcome.”

Palmer also thanked the LEDC for being a cooperative partner in letting the district use its site for the event.