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Truck damages South Point roundabout

Completion still set for Dec. 31

SOUTH POINT — A truck that errantly entered the construction zone caused damage to the South Point roundabout on Thursday, Mayor Jeff Gaskin said.

Gaskin said that a truck could be seen in the area in video footage taken at 6:32 p.m.

He said the vehicle knocked over traffic cones and damaged the concrete divider.

Crews had cut out the damaged section on Friday and were set to replace it on Monday.

Gaskin said this would not impact the completion time of the project.

He said officials were looking into video footage as well as contacting local businesses that receive shipments in order to determine the identity of the driver.

“We’ve had a lot of trucks not know where to go,” Gaskin said of the rerouting of traffic while the project is under way.

The contract completion date for the project, which is being administered by the county engineer’s office, is set for Dec. 31.