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Thanks for smoking, no butts about it

Cigarette receptacles installed downtown

Smokers in Ironton may notice new cigarette butt containers that were installed by the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District throughout the downtown area a few weeks ago in an effort to cut down and eliminate litter.

“We obtained these through Keep America Beautiful, who got them through the Philip Morris Company,” Dan Palmer, director of the solid waste district, said. “We applied to Keep America Beautiful for them and were able to receive these at no cost.”

Palmer said cigarette butts are the biggest form of litter in the United States, and these containers would go a long way on cutting down the type of litter in our community. The district received a total of 25 containers for Ironton, which have been placed on utility poles and light posts.

Containers are scattered on Second and Third streets from Center to Jefferson, out Center to Fourth Street, as well as one at the post office, one outside of the Fourth Street entrance of the courthouse and one outside of the alley at the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

Palmer said, in addition, another 19 containers obtained by the district were placed throughout downtown Portsmouth in Scioto County.

“We want to urge people to do the right thing and put their cigarette butts in these containers, instead of throwing them on the ground,” Palmer said. “We’ll be taking care of emptying them.”


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