Paul put others at risk

Published 1:32 am Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Shame on you, Rand Paul.

What you did — no, what you didn’t do — was irresponsible. Even reprehensible.

You were concerned enough about your own health to get tested for the coronavirus, but you didn’t care enough about other people to self-quarantine until you got the results.

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Instead, you carried on business as usual, cavorting with fellow senators over lunch and reportedly working out in the Senate gym and swimming in the Senate pool.

When the story erupted on March 22, minutes after you told everyone on Twitter that you tested positive, you didn’t respond to tough questions that surfaced among your colleagues in Washington and your constituents.

(…) No apologies.

No acknowledgement that you made a mistake.

This isn’t leadership, Rand Paul.

We are sorry that Kentucky’s junior senator tested positive. Yes, we do have compassion.

But we are gravely disturbed that a public official would show such disregard for a disease that has sickened more than 370,000 people worldwide and killed more than 16,000.


Feel better, Sen. Paul. Get healthy.

But Kentucky won’t soon forget this horrible lapse in judgment.

We deserve better.

— The (Lousiville) Courier Journal