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Lawmakers are falsely named

In general, much of the American public could care less what goes on in Washington, D.C. — until it starts to impact their wallets and ... Read more | 2 comments

Enforcement key for all laws

There I was, driving down Sixth Street in Ironton last week. I was paying close attention to every intersection to ensure drivers on perpendicular streets ... Read more | 4 comments

Ohio can teach feds on deficit

Columbus versus Washington. It sounds like chapters in an American history book but is actually a very current political battle that could end with Ohio ... Read more | 3 comments

Education must join 21st Century

Are we teaching our children to think or simply memorize facts to answer questions on standardized tests? In many cases we are using 19th Century ... Read more | 1 comment

What is county’s backup plan?

Now that the Lawrence County Commissioners — two of them at least — have chosen not to even ask voters how they felt about “Plan ... Read more