Rodriguez confronts Bruney

Published 1:25 am Monday, June 15, 2009

NEW YORK (AP) — Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez definitely knows who Brian Bruney is now.

Rodriguez shouted at the New York Yankees reliever during batting practice Sunday and the two were separated by teammates one day after they exchanged pointed jabs through the media.

Bruney called Rodriguez’s exuberant celebrations on the mound a ‘‘tired act,’’ and K-Rod said he didn’t know who the injured right-hander was before advising him to ‘‘keep his mouth shut.’’

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‘‘To me, it’s incredible that this is a big story,’’ Bruney said after the Yankees’ 15-0 victory over the Mets. ‘‘They’re a great team and he’s a great player. I’m sure he’s not concerned about what I think. He just had some things to say.’’

K-Rod first refused to say anything when approached after Sunday’s game, then relented.

‘‘It’s over. Turn the page. That’s it.’’ he said.

In video footage on the YES Network, an angry Rodriguez could be seen pointing at Bruney from a few feet away before Yankees reliever Jose Veras stepped between them in left field.

Bruney held his ground and appeared to say little, if anything. Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey got in front of Rodriguez and escorted him away.

‘‘I was probably 10 feet away and I just saw K-Rod pointing and raising his voice,’’ Pelfrey said, ‘‘and I just came over and grabbed him and I said ’C’mon, lets go in.’ He was upset I guess.’’