Take steps toward a healthier you

Many of us see the world through a 40-inch TV, 13-inch computer monitor or an even smaller tablet or cell phone screen. We are constantly ... Read more

Thwart crime with vigilance

If there is any hope to deter criminals from breaking the law in Lawrence County, it will be the harsh sentences imposed when they are ... Read more | 1 comment

Community must be vigilant

At the beginning of the week, residents on the southend of Ironton woke up to something with which no one should have to deal with. ... Read more | 1 comment

Shopping local helps everyone

Buying local doesn’t just help business owners — it helps the entire county. That’s the reason Lawrence County Commissioners are naming March as “Buy in ... Read more

Black history honored

Several good things are happening around Lawrence County. Here are some of the highlights for this week. • The Upper Township Fire Department held a ... Read more